8/9: Day of Protest to Drop the Charges on the Tampa 5!

8/9: Day of Protest to Drop the Charges on the Tampa 5!

On the morning of July 12th, their second court appearance, the Tampa 5 learned that a trial date will be set by the judge on August 9th. This will be their third court appearance.

They are still in the middle of the process of discovery, which means that they are collecting evidence from the prosecution that is meant to convict them.

They have said publicly that all the security camera footage they have seen so far absolves them, and they are eager to not only receive more of this evidence but also to share it with the world.

The Tampa 5 and their supporters demand full transparency and USF's full cooperation with discovery, to which all of the defendants are entitled.

In spite of this, the charges have not yet been dropped. The case of the 5 SDS protesters is hurtling towards a trial. So they need all of their supporters and all parties interested in the right to protest DeSantis to stay out in the streets!

On July 12th, we saw at least 15 cities pour out into the streets to say, "Drop the Charges!" We need to be out again on August 9th in even greater numbers.

We need to demand that the DeSantis-appointed, unelected State Attorney Susan Lopez and assistant prosecutor Justin Diaz drop the charges.

We need to win this case once and for all and protect the right of the student movement - and all social movements in the United States - to exercise their First Amendment right to free speech and to protest.

All Out for August 9th to Defend the Tampa 5!
State Attorney Susy Lopez, Prosecutor Justin Diaz, Drop the Charges!
Save Diversity in Higher Education!
Protesting DeSantis is Not a Crime!