Hands off Yemen! All Eyes on Palestine!

Hands off Yemen! All Eyes on Palestine!

On January 11, the United States and Britain heightened their military aggression by initiating strikes on Yemen's capital, Sanaa. Fighter jets and Tomahawk missiles targeted multiple locations in this military offensive. This marks another step in the United States government's escalating actions against the anti-imperialist government of Yemen.

If Yemen is guilty of anything, it is standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their fight for liberation. Through the blockade of ships entering the Red Sea, Yemen is striking blows against the Zionist entity. For corporations that deal with the occupation, this direct disruption of trade relations with Israel threatens their ability to profit off a genocidal occupation. Cargo ships have to sail around the entire continent of Africa, decimating their bottom line and delaying their arrival. These attacks are speaking to the US-Israeli occupation forces and its corporate supporters in the only language they understand –money. These attacks effectively heighten pressure on Israel and provide an opportunity for the Palestinian resistance to mount counter-offensives to free their land and people.

It has been more than 90 days since the Al Aqsa flood counterattack by the Palestinian resistance and subsequent indiscriminate bombing by Israel. 2 million Palestinians have been displaced from their homes and residential areas. These numbers have surpassed the Nakba, in english “The Catastrophe”, the violent displacement and dispossession of the Palestinian people in 1948 shortly before Israel declared itself an independent state.

Students for a Democratic Society demands that the U.S. halt its aggression and military operations towards the Yemeni people for their unwavering solidarity with Palestine. As antiwar students in the U.S., we stand in solidarity with Yemen for resisting U.S. and Israeli terrorism and remaining the greatest ally of Palestine in their struggle for national liberation. The right to resistance against occupation and settler violence should be upheld by any means necessary. Yemen is truly heeding the call of the Palestinian resistance for aid in a moment of unprecedented violence. The most powerful people in our country, Zionists like Joe Biden, are furious that the people of the world, namely in Yemen and Lebanon, dare to stand in their way. We must demand that the U.S. war machine be halted in its tracks, and we are well-positioned to do so. We call on students and anti-war activists to participate in our National Day of Action on January 16th to demand an end to U.S. attacks on Yemen, and an end to aid to Israel!