Protect Trans Youth! No to Florida's Trans Healthcare Ban!

Protect Trans Youth! No to Florida's Trans Healthcare Ban!

On May 17th, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida signed SB 254 into law, which prohibits minors in Florida from receiving gender affirming care, which includes treatments such as hormone replacement therapy and/or puberty blockers. The law also suspends licenses and charges doctors with a level 3 felony if they were to provide such care, and it allows courts to take custody of minors receiving gender affirming healthcare, regardless of residence.

This assault on both healthcare, and LGBTQ+ rights is not an isolated incident either. Across the United States, hundreds of bills have been proposed that aim to either heavily restrict, or outright ban gender affirming care for all ages, including minors. These measures not only undermine the right for these individuals to exist as their true selves, but it also creates and encourages a hateful and discriminatory environment for all LGBTQ+ citizens. The Students for a Democratic Society opposes bigoted legislation, and this includes such legislation within Florida.

Despite its wording, this law is not aimed at protecting minors. It is a targeted attack on the LGBTQ+ youth in Florida and it undermines the rights of those who have fought for access to such healthcare in the past. This legislation actively disregards the overwhelming evidence that supports the positive effects of such treatments, especially for their mental health. It dismisses the professional recommendations of medical experts who stress the importance of affirming and supporting transgender minors, ultimately exacerbating the challenges they face and increasing the risks of severe depression and suicide.

We, the Students for a Democratic Society, strongly condemn this assault on Florida's LGBTQ+ citizens. We refuse to stand by while Governor DeSantis and the Florida Congress attempt to eliminate the rights of transgender youth and their ability to access gender affirming healthcare.