SDS Condemns Georgia Law Enforcement!

SDS Condemns Georgia Law Enforcement!

On January 18th, 2023, police officers in Atlanta killed a peaceful protestor after repeated calls by activists to not bring firearms into the Weelaunee Forest. Acting as an invading force, officers swept the forest in SWAT gear, equipped with bulldozers, search dogs, lethal and non-lethal weapons, and ended up killing Manuel Teran.

Manuel, Manny, Tortuguita, they had many names. They were a committed organizer, engaging in multiple mutual aid organizations and starting the Brown Cat Mutual Aid (BCMA) of Tallahassee. They were a light to the people, those Manny knew and those Manny only met briefly, they were vocal and disagreed often with the people they loved, they were a FRIEND. Manny was a real person that was stolen by Georgia law enforcement, and their life can’t be returned. All, for the construction of Cop City.

Defend the Atlanta Forest (DAF) activists have repeatedly called for law enforcement to NOT bring firearms into the Weelaunee Forest to prevent unnecessary injury and death. Georgia law enforcement, at the behest of no one but themselves and their supporters, pressed on into this historic forest with the intent to quell, diminish, and harm activists opposing the police headquarters. This was not law enforcement's first raid, and this violent murder readily shows law enforcement intends to continue despite public outcry.

National SDS condemns Georgia law enforcement. National SDS condemns their advancement into the forest, condemns the erection of Cop City, and further condemns and charges Georgia Law enforcement with the willful murder of an unarmed protestor. For Manuel, we echo the sentiments of their mother, that everyone that knew them plant trees in their honor.

Trees for Manny.
Trees for Tortuguita.
Stop Cop City!