SDS Condemns Ron DeSantis' Banning of Students for Justice in Palestine

SDS Condemns Ron DeSantis' Banning of Students for Justice in Palestine

On October 24th, Florida Governer Ron DeSantis ordered Florida state universities to ban the pro-Palestinian student organization, Students for Justice in Palestine(SJP), from campuses for their support for the so-called “terrorist” organization Hamas. These attempts to silence those standing up with Palestine are bound to fail. This is an attempt to attack first amendment rights, silence those who oppose war, genocide, and U.S.'s backed and funded violence from Palestine to the Philippines.

Congress, Joe Biden, and Governor Ron DeSantis are trying to crush the resistance to US domination and those resisting it abroad and here at home, and in this case those standing up and organizing in the student movements. A movement of movements, we students have a role to play in igniting the movement against US wars & Intervention and their genocidal occupation called israel.

We must stand united and in solidarity with our siblings in the SJP who are under attack by the state of Florida. We are united with them and we understand this is an attack on the student movement for justice in Palestine, all across our chapters in Washington, through the Rocky Mountains, to Tampa Bay. We stand with those resisting this system and demanding an end to US Aid to Israel and the divestment of our universities from corporations arming israel’s genocidal occupation!

Students For A Democratic Society denounces the attempts to ban the National Students for Justice in Palestine and their chapters in the State University System of Florida! Down with state repression and up with Palestinian Victory!

Hands off our movements!
End US Aid to Israel!
Victory to Palestine!