SDS Condemns US Government Sending Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

SDS Condemns US Government Sending Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

On July 7th, The White House announced that President Biden had approved the transfer of cluster munitions to Ukraine. This administration has decided to escalate an already costly and brutal war in Ukraine despite over a year of consistent conscious resistance in actions from hundreds of thousands of people around the country. Our members spoke at the Peace in Ukraine – Say NO to Endless U.S. Wars! Rally on March 18th in Washington DC, and many of our chapters have mobilized against this war and our government’s war-mongering. These cluster bombs have no place in Ukraine and the US Government’s history of meddling and intervention have shown clearly that the US has no place in playing world-police.

Cluster bombs are munitions that disperse hundreds of small bombs over a wide area. When these bombs are released, there are some that will fail to explode on impact and will instead lie dormant for years to decades after landing. Most often those who encounter these “dormant” bombs are innocent civilians, of whom many are just children, who suffer injury to life and limb from the explosion. Therefore, dropping a cluster bomb is considered a war crime -the same war crime that the US accused Russia of doing earlier in the war in Ukraine.

Through arming the Ukrainian military, the United States government generates lucrative defense contracts for military munitions manufacturers that use their profits to lobby for more US intervention. While the people pay taxes to fund these wars, a handful of wealthy “defense” corporations reap the profits, all while students are in debt and hundreds of thousands are homeless in a country that could feasibly house them. The American government’s actions in escalating this conflict have been a key factor in a war that has taken thousands of lives in Ukraine and hindered the prospect of a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Students For A Democratic Society unequivocally condemns the United States sending Cluster Bombs to Ukraine. We maintain that an end to US intervention would create conditions ideal for a negotiated peace in the region.

End the War in Ukraine!