SDS Demands Justice for Jacob Albright!

SDS Demands Justice for Jacob Albright!

On July 20, there was another critical police incident in Kenosha, Wisconsin. SDS demands justice for Jacob Albright!

Just two years ago, there was an uprising for justice for Jacob Blake, who was shot seven times by a Kenosha police officer. People in Kenosha, and everywhere, deserve transparency and accountability from the police!

Kenosha Police stated that Albright shot himself while in the backseat of a police car with a weapon that they supposedly failed to find in initial searches.

Kenosha community members who showed up to demand answers were harassed by the police, with one of them being arrested despite having done nothing wrong.

There is nothing wrong with demanding accountability and transparency from a department with multiple murders on their hands.

SDS stands in solidarity with the family of Albright. We call for transparency, accountability, and community control of the police in Kenosha, and everywhere!

Justice for Jacob Albright!
Community control now!
Transparency now!