SDS Denounces Israeli Forces' Invasion of Gaza

SDS Denounces Israeli Forces' Invasion of Gaza

On October 27th, Israel launched an invasion into the Gaza Strip, escalating its bombardment and severing essential communication channels, including internet and phone lines. This action aims to effectively isolate 2.3 million Palestinians, subjecting them to a complete information blackout, both internally and externally.

Israeli Occupation Forces have announced their intent to ramp up attacks on the Gaza Strip and begun an invasion. For days on end, they have been dropping US-funded chemical weapons on the Gaza Strip. They have bombed homes, hospitals, farms. They've invaded the refugee camps in Ramallah. This is all on top of cutting off food, water, supplies, medicine, and electricity from flowing in and out of the Gaza Strip.

This is a genocide; the blood is on Israel’s hands, irrespective of the lies propagated by politicians, especially Biden, or the media. For every Palestinian that Israel butchers, the United States is responsible. Without the United States’s aid, in money and weaponry, the apartheid state of Israel would collapse overnight. As human beings, we have a responsibility to stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine as they fight for their liberation. As students, we have a duty to pressure the American government to prevent more weapons getting in the hands of the Israeli government.

Despite these attacks, the Palestinian people have stood strong and the people of Gaza have refused to abandon their homes. This is in the face of occupation forces' orders to leave. The bravest people in the world right now are the children, the elderly, the youth, the people of Gaza, the people of Palestine for standing against the genocidal attacks, refusing to be moved and wiped out, and choosing to live free.

Students For A Democratic Society condemns this escalation of genocidal violence against the Palestinian people. We call for an end to US aid to Israel, an end to the bombing of Gaza, and we say no to an invasion of Gaza. Further, SDS supports the Palestinian resistance and says, "Victory for Palestine! Long Live Palestine!"

Stop the Bombings!
No invasion of Gaza!
End US Aid to Israel!
Victory to Palestine!