SDS Says NO to Attacks on MECHA

SDS Says NO to Attacks on MECHA

On November 10th, the University of Utah canceled the MECHA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán) High School Conference without warning and revoked official sponsorship for MECHA at the University of Utah.

This retaliatory move comes after two weeks of success in the student movement at the University, where MECHA and other organizations mobilized against a transphobic event and organized hundreds of students for Palestinian liberation on campus. The loss of status has cost MECHA over $10,000 in funding and derailed a progressive political event that hundreds of Chicano and Latino high school students planned to attend.

Not only is MECHA an historic organization in the Chicano national liberation movement, but the MECHA High School Conference has for decades been an important event for progressive Chicano youth to access resources and community. MECHA emerged during the democratic upsurge of the 1960’s as a force for full equality and self determination for Chicano youth and students. For 28 years, MECHA has also hosted high school conferences that organize and politically empower Chicano and Latino youth. This attack comes at a time of heightened nationwide repression against the student movement and the Palestinian liberation struggle.

New Students for a Democratic Society demands that the University of Utah recertify MECHA with full funding and immediately reinstate the Utah MECHA High School conference without delay! The University should apologize for this racist act of repression and commit to respecting the right to organize for Palestine and to fight transphobia on campus.

Student protests are here to stay!
Stop the repression of MECHA