SDS Solidarity Statement with UAW Workers

SDS Solidarity Statement with UAW Workers

Starting on September 16th, the United Auto Workers (UAW) started striking the three largest Automakers in America- Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. This strike came after these companies made record profits after the COVID-19 pandemic. With these record profits, the UAW also says that it is time for record contracts. The union now demands a strong contract from their employers, demanding that they pay them what they are owed for creating these profits for these multi-billion dollar companies.

Workers recently won tentative agreements with all three automotive companies, which boast potentially record wins for Union members across the country. The Union has reported a 25% increase in wages across the board, with an increase of 85% in wages for some jobs at Sterling Axle and Rawsonville plants. In addition, this contract will bring back the 3-year wage progression from previous deals, killed wage tiers at all plants, and brought back the Cost of Living Allowance which ties wage changes to changes in the Consumer Price Index.

These wins ensure a more sustainable workforce and better pay for workers who have been struggling to survive since COVID-19. This is an objective win for the workers at these companies and is a win for workers across the country who now know these agreements are not only possible but winnable.

Students for a Democratic Society stands in solidarity with the UAW Union! As students, we understand that one day we will join the workforce. Many students already work full-time while going to classes, and struggle with poor working conditions. We stand with the unions striking, knowing that this fight ensures that future generations inherit better conditions. We will continue to support the union and their fight for a better future!

Stand Up! End Tiers!
Unions and Students Unite!
Student Solidarity With Workers!