Solidarity with UPS Teamsters!

Solidarity with UPS Teamsters!

On June 16th, UPS Teamsters overwhelmingly voted 97% in favor of a strike. This will be a historic strike of over 300K members on August 1st if UPS does not meet their demands. Following a greatly unpopular contract in 2018, Teamsters are ready to fight for the contract that they deserve.

Teamsters’ demands include abolishing the two-tier wage system, ensuring higher wages of at least $25 per hour for part-time workers, enhancing pension payouts, eliminating subcontracting, and safeguarding union jobs by ceasing the utilization of personal vehicle drivers. Additionally, they are actively pursuing better working conditions such as adequate air conditioning, protection from automation and surveillance, increased union job opportunities, prioritized hiring of Teamsters, stronger grievance procedures, mandatory identification cards for supervisors, designated space and time for breastfeeding, an amendment to the gender discrimination clause to encompass gender identity and sexual orientation, and more.

Just this past week, Teamsters walked out of negotiations after UPS put an insulting economic proposal on the table, which would not keep up with inflation and ultimately result in pay cuts to the majority of members. UPS now has only until the end of June to give their last, best, and final offer. Throughout this contract negotiation cycle, Teamsters have been militant and able to force UPS to show up at the table and take negotiations seriously. This contract negotiation is going to affect more than just UPS Teamsters - it will become a model for the logistics industry, and a testament to the power of workers everywhere.

Students for a Democratic Society stands in solidarity with UPS Teamsters! Students are either already in the workforce in order to pay for tuition, or will join it shortly after graduation. This fight will be a significant win for working conditions and a step towards increasing worker power in workplaces across all industries. We encourage everyone to support your local Teamsters by helping on the picket line and spreading the word!

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