Stop Zionist Attacks on Students at Columbia University!

Stop Zionist Attacks on Students at Columbia University!

On Friday, January 19th, Students for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, and other student groups at Columbia University organized a rally demanding U.S. and U.K. hands off Yemen and Gaza. During the rally, the crowd of students was attacked with chemical weapons by two former soldiers of the Israeli Occupation Forces.

The two former IOF soldiers, current Columbia students, were identified as the perpetrators of this attack. They subjected the students to a chemical weapon known as Skunk—an odorous substance reminiscent of raw sewage, adhering to both hair and skin for days. The Israeli Occupation Forces developed Skunk in 2008 as a crowd-control weapon for use against Palestinians, and now they are using these chemical weapons developed in the state of Israel against college students in the United States. Since then, at least eight students have been hospitalized after exposure to the chemical attack, and dozens more have experienced severe symptoms.

Many students have been suffering from this hate crime committed by actual soldiers from a foreign military that engages in the illegal dispossession and genocidal occupation of Palestine.After days of public pressure spurred by the student movement, Columbia University has finally acknowledged the "incidents of great concern" and began an investigation. The Zionist soldiers who attacked these students deserve to be arrested, charged, tried, and sent to prison for what is a chemical attack by militants of a foreign government on US-soil, and the university has no right to delay it any longer.

Universities and state governments across the country have attempted to repress and hinder the national movement by persecuting pro-Palestine student activists over the past 100 days, such as with Ron Desantis’ attempts to ban all chapters of SJP across Florida. Countless students have been arrested, harassed, and even brutalized by police for standing with Palestine on their campuses. Meanwhile, Columbia University continues to delay justice when Zionists attack their own students on campus with dangerous chemical weapons.

These attacks on our movement will not succeed in silencing us, they will instead forge greater strength and resistance in our cause. This generation will accomplish the historic task of ending the aid to Israel, the historic task of the Palestinian solidarity movement here in the United States, and in the student movement. As we continue to face repression in the student movement, our growing strength becomes evermore clear. Students For A Democratic Society demands an end to these Zionist attacks against student activists on college campuses, an end to repression of pro-Palestinian protestors, and a an end to US aid to Israel!

End the Repression of Pro-Palestinian protestors!
End US Aid to Israel!
Free Palestine!