Western Hands off Africa: No War in West Africa!

Western Hands off Africa: No War in West Africa!

On July 26th, in Niger, a momentous event unfolded as Abdourahamane Tchiani, a prominent military leader, spearheaded a takeover against Mohammed Bazoum, culminating in the establishment of a new transitional government. After the formation of the new government, Niger promptly halted its export of uranium and gold to France. Approximately 48 to 51% of Niger's uranium ore is currently being used in France’s many nuclear power plants to generate electricity. Surprisingly, despite this contribution, around 80% of the Nigerien population lacks access to electricity in their homes. A fifth of France’s uranium to fuel its energy sector is imported from Niger, with several mines owned almost directly by the French government.

The response from the Western world has undeniably been highly antagonistic. The Biden administration declared its intention to suspend financial aid to Niger, and France chose to evacuate its citizens while maintaining its military presence in the region. Furthermore, some pro-Western allies within the African Union and a faction of ECOWAS, including Nigeria, Liberia, Benin, and Guinea Bissau, have gone as far as issuing threats of potential invasion.

Regardless of the coup's justification, it is not within the purview of the West to meddle in the affairs of other nations, particularly by resorting to military force. The United States and France's bloodlust will inevitably claim the lives of innocent Nigeriens. In addition to overt violence, the potential imposition of sanctions and other forms of intervention is unwarranted, inflicting harm upon the innocent people of Niger.

Students For A Democratic Society unequivocally condemns any form of intervention or violence directed towards the people of Niger. SDS stands in solidarity with the people of Niger, firmly opposing senseless violence.

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